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Royal Love Foundation (Disabled Foundation)


There is a marked difference between what you are going through and where you are going to. Many people have given up halfway to their destiny because of obstacles and setbacks. Understand that God’s plans for you are plans of good and not of evil. He is not planning to leave you here. He does not abandon his projects. When God starts, he completes.

You may feel like the man by the beautiful gate. (Acts 3: 1- 9) He was by the gate but could not walk in because he was a cripple. He was lame in both feet and had come to a dead end. While the man thought it was over, he did not realise that God had plans for him. God was not just going to bring him to the gate without walking through it.  do you feel like where you are is the best you can ever get? Do you think that you cannot do better than you have? Does it seem that your life is crippled? Don’t give up yet! God is not done with you! He has plans to see you through and if he did it for that cripple, he can do it for you. Understand that God is not a respecter of persons.

One thing you must do is top take your eyes from what man can give to you. The man expected Peter and John to give him alms. He had not idea that God was about to give him his feet. While he waited for the coins to drop, the man of God stretched his hands and the anointing was released. As you read this piece, the power of God is available to break yokes and deliver you. No matter how long the bondage has been, receive power for change in the name of Jesus! Yesterday is over. It’s a new day. Your life cannot be crippled!


The physically challenged are still among us. As many of us have move higher financially and in the social strata, we seem to have forgotten that there are a class of persons who have challenges which, many times, arose form no fault of theirs. The Johnchris Cripple Foundation is deigned to bring hope to the hopless; the people physically challenged in their feet. They are as human as you are. Besides their physical challenges, they also deal with the daily issues that you and I also face. They have to deal their emotions, HIV AIDS and financial issues to mention just some. Your contribution will go a long way to help these people reclaim their dignity and be all they can be.


This outreach is mainly based on reaching and affecting the lives of many that have committed crimes of various degrees against humanity and the system and are paying the price for their crimes as deemed fit by the system.

The outreach is also all about reaching and affecting the lives of many innocent people who are paying the price of crimes they knew nothing about. Their only crime for most in their own words is been in the wrong place at the wrong time. These people have grown bitter at the system and the world at large for the injustice the system has handed over to them. For most, they have become ticking time-bomb waiting to explode at the slightest thing as been imprisoned for crimes committed have lost its deterrent factor.

Through Johnchris prison outreach ministry, the lives of such men and women have been turned around by the intervention of God’s amazing love and mercy. They live in hope of a better future as they are given hope. Those that are paying the price for their crimes are remorseful of their sins and are not proud of their past as no punishment is greater than living with the weight and guilt of their crimes against humanity. God has proved Himself mightily in the lives of these men and women as they receive Christ in their hearts and begin the journey of doing the right things. Stony heart have turned to fleshy heart as described in the Bible (Ezk. 36:26) through this outreach program.

We need your support in this outreach program as for some people live in perpetual darkness as a result of a loved one been the perpetuator of  these crimes or seeing their loved ones jailed for crime(s) they knew nothing about. For others, they have become victims of these men and women imprisoned for their crimes as they have lost loved one(s) at their hands. It’s easy to write these men and women imprisoned off but first before you do so, remember the question that Jesus asked the Pharisees who were about to stone Mary Magdalene for adultery “ He without sin, should cast the first stone” but none did. Jesus reply to Mary was “Go, sin no more”.  It’s also fairly simple to believe these things could never happen tome, but circumstances and the storms of life has pre-empted most decisions they have made in their lives up to this point.

It’s amazing and an awesome wonder what the power of God can do when people let him into their lives. He replaces stony heart with fleshy heart. He gives hope to the hopeless and the weak in spirit are strong in Him. This God has done to the lives of many still in prison through this outreach program.

We therefore urge you to support this outreach program as we continue to affect the lives of these people.

For further information on how to support us financially, please contact us at the address stated above