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When we visit a city and we see the monuments and architectural masterpieces, we marvel at the creativity of man. We see great edifices, beautiful paintings and masterful sculptures. We always want to find out, “Who did this?” That’s why the names of men like Michael Angelo and Leonardo Da Vinci have become forever etched in history. Imagine the shock that will hit you if you saw a painting and your guide told you, “Oh that painting? No one painted it. It just appeared!”

If we believe that things as mundane as paintings and carvings must have creators, it must be easy to understand that the earth did not just happen. The consistency in the seasons, the faithfulness of the sun, the wonder of nature could not all have been a product of happenstance. The big bang theory suggests that life is an accident, but my friend, no accident is successful! The accurate location of the earth is such a marvel to scientists. If we had been just a little closer to the sun than we are now, the whole of the earth would have been totally obliterated. If we had been just a little too far from the sun, the earth would have been one frozen mass. The inbuilt homing device in the homing pigeon that directs it back home no matter how faraway it flies cannot be an accident of nature. The attention to detail and organisation of the tiny ants could not have been a mistake. Come on! Someone is fully in charge! There has to be an intelligent being behind the affairs of the entire cosmos.

The bible calls this all knowing being, “The God of heaven and earth.” He has not hidden himself from the world. The awe of creation is the signature of his presence. The obedience of the moon and the order of nature carry his trademark. Beyond these he has further introduced himself through the bible. While the greatest scientists of the old world advocated that the earth was flat, this book had shown that the earth was round.  â€œIt is he that sitteth upon the circle of the earth,” (Isa 40:22) God has reached out to the world, have you accepted him? Just because you do not believe that airwaves carry sound and picture does not mean they do not. Just because you do not believe that man can go to the moon does not mean man cannot. Just because you do not believe there is a God does not mean He doesn’t exist. Everybody can hold his opinion- everybody, including fools. And like the bible says, “The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God.” (Ps 14:1) I guess you are wise, aren’t you?

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