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There is no power as strong as love. Love has broken the hardest of hearts, destroyed age long malice and restored shattered homes. There is very little rational explanation for the irrational actions a mother will take in order to preserve her beloved child. How do we explain the sudden brutal response from a nursing dog when it fears that its puppies are in danger? Stories abound of how people have gone the extra mile for love. How do we explain a father who cannot swim and goes ahead to risk his life in order to save a drowning child? When true love manifests, all fear is cast aside, restraints are forgotten and passion is set loose! That’s why the bible says love is the greatest of all. Love forgives all things, believes all things, endures all things. Above all, love never fails! This is the beauty of love. At the end, it is love that triumphs. It is love that conquers.

It was love that secured your salvation. It is love that made the Master leave his heavenly glory to suffer the shameful death of the cross. It is love that has united humanity with divinity and has given us access to the throne room. Love! This is the marked difference between the church and world. If we are true followers of God, then we will love even though it hurts. Love here is not the selfish kind of love that seeks only its own good. Love here is the God kind of love that will sacrifice in order to save. Remember love does not look out for itself. It puts others first.

If there is a gift we must all seek from God, it is his pure, holy love. It is only this kind of love that can make us forgive people who have wronged us and hurt us deeply.  It is this kind of love that will make us pray for our enemies and seek their good. It is this agape love that will drive us to seek the lost at every cost. That’s what the world needs- the reality of a loving saviour. This can only be seen when we walk in the beauty of love.

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