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Salvation (Ticket to Heaven)

You do not want it to happen to you. Your bags have been fully packed. Your hosts are awaiting your arrival at your destination. You have said your goodbyes, hugged your loved ones and shed parting tears. You arrive at the airport just in time for boarding but…you can’t find your ticket! It’s neither in your purse nor in your pocket book. The final boarding call has been made and you still can’t find your ticket. You watch the plane taxi down the runway, lift off and make for the skies. You have not missed your flight because you were not properly dressed neither is it because you did not pay the airfare. You have missed your flight because you did not come you’re your ticket.

It’s the same thing with your spiritual life. We are all pilgrims in this world. We are on a journey from the terrestrial to the celestial, the natural to the supernatural, from the physical to the spiritual. Many people go on this all important journey without their ticket. They may have lived a morally upright life but no good intentions can take the place of the ticket. No matter how well we have lived our lives, we must prepare for the hereafter. The journey to heaven will cost you something. The price is great, but have no fear, the lamb of God has purchased our salvation by paying with his own blood. You do not have to work your way into the kingdom. All you have to do is believe in Jesus, accept that he has paid the price for your sins and that he is Lord of your life. (Romans 10: 9)

Do not be like the multiplied millions of people who make this journey without proper preparation. The price has been paid. All you need to do is pick your ticket. Don’t delay. It is available now. Just pray this simple prayer in faith:

Dear\\Heavenly Father,
I believe you are the son of God. I believe you died and rose again. Forgive me for my past life of sin. Give me a new heart and a new life. Give me the grace to live for you. I thank you for loving and receiving me. In Jesus’ name I’ve prayed. Amen.