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Johnchris World Outreach Ministries is a ministry formed by God. Rev Johnchris has a rare gift on the prophetic and the Healing Grace which he has used to affect his community, country and local and internationally.
It has branches in South Africa , London , Niger –Reblic,, and Nigeria

He  runs a program called “ Get Something More”, which has affected the lives of lots of people. Living proof miracles which has happened from this program includes deaf and dumb hearing and speaking, the blind receiving their sight and the cripple walking again. These are undeniable proof that can’t be contented with. Running concurrently with this program is the night vigil called “Overnight Intervention” where God intervenes in the affairs of people.

It was formed in August 14th 1999 . It has an arm of the ministry called God’s Covenant Worship Centre which is a church base where believers worship God and sinners are turned to saints. It also has another arm of the ministry called “Johnchris Cripple Foundation”. This foundation  was formed to help people that are crippled physically and mentally to understand that their lives can’t be crippled as there is a God that can turn things around, giving hope to the hopeless and promoting equality  amongst them. The aims and vision of the ministry came from Psalm 72 verse 5-9. The ministry’s belief is that it does not take God a century to change the story of anyone. 

It also has a strong belief that God is something else. Statistics has shown that poverty level is been on an increase in Africa since  the 70s This ministries passion lies in transforming Africa and the world at large.